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Of course you can also book by phone or inquire by E-mail:
Tel.: +43.7242.45409 E-Mail: office@hotelhauser.com

We love good food!

It’s rumoured that the Boutique Hotel Hauser has the best hotel breakfast in Wels.
We don’t claim that. Other places might offer you caviar and champagne.
We don't do that. What you do get, however, is our exclusive, warm, Hauser porridge and our Hauser muesli made using a secret recipe,
cakes like grandmother used to make and delicious homemade jams, including ever more unusual varieties, as the hotel director’s partner,
Max Linsmaier, likes to experiment. We also have eight different speciality honeys from a bee-keeper we trust, the best bread and pastries
from a little traditional bakery in Wels and lots more from the region.
Simply good, honest food

“The chopped fruits come from various gardens in Wels and the surrounding area. Each step in the preparation is carried out by hand and personally.
From the picking and gathering of the fruits to the cleaning, peeling and washing and on to the straining, mixing, boiling, blending, glass cleaning,
filling and labelling.” Markus Linsmaier

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Breakfast times

MON-FRI: 6.30am-10am
SAT, SUN, national holidays: 7:30am-11am

You can of course order your breakfast to your room (including outside of these hours).

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A selection of our products


we offer Hauser muesli and Hauser porridge made using our secret recipe
Cakeswe bake ourselves
Chutneyswe make ourselves
Jamsmost of our products come from our own garden
Spreadswe make ourselves too
Herbscome from our own garden in summer

come from Andreas Weninger organic bakery. This Wels bakery has been family-run for more than 100 years and relies on tradition, manual production and natural, organic ingredients.

Juiceswe get apple juices from Wiesmeier Organic Fruit Farm in Holzhausen. The Wiesmeier familiy attach great importance to producing healthy fruit in a natural way. As well as juices, our range also includes particularly tasty apple chips.
HoneyThe retired music school director Siegfried Hangler from Hinzenbach is a passionate bee-keeper. His sweet gold regularly wins top-level awards.
Herbal TeasWe get the highest quality organic teas from Bergkräuter. Based on the motto "good quality doesn't need any flavour enhancers", they guarantee that all products are pur and remain so.
Teaswe get from TeeGschwendner - Teehandlung Schönbichler
TeeGschwendner stands for the highest product quality and excellent product reliability. Even the purchase of teas is carried out based on qualitiy criteria that have been set out. Tea from organic farming is preferred, while tea from conventional farming is only obtained from tea gardens which recognise the high quality requirements of TeeGschwendner and take these seriously.

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We attach a great level of importance to variety in our buffet, so we wish to note that not all of the products mentioned will be offered every day.

If you require a lactose-free and/or gluten-free diet or have particular allergies, please tell us when you make your reservation. We will be happy to provide you with the desired products.

The breakfast area is of course smoke-free.

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Of course you can also book by phone or inquire by E-mail:
Tel.: +43.7242.45409 E-Mail: office@hotelhauser.com