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From the community centre to the Boutique Hotel Hauser.

For more than 80 years, the Boutique Hotel Hauser has been run by the Hauser-Schick family, whose history began in 1937 under Edmund Hauser sen. as an inn with 20 rooms and wine trading under the name "Hotel Post". Historically, however, the history of the house reaches much further into the past. Today, hotel director Sophie Schick and her dedicated team breathe fresh air into the hotel every day.

The hosts: Hotel director Sophie Schick with husband Max Linsmaier.

The Boutique Hotel Hauser is already in the hands of the third generation of the family. In 2009, Sophie Schick, granddaughter of Edmund Hauser sen. took over the business and since then has put her heart and soul into the continuous development of the hotel. In addition to the constant development of the business and the implementation of creative ideas, the committed hotel director is also involved as Vice President of the Austrian Hoteliers' Association and as Chairwoman of the ÖHV Upper Austria, where she drives her visions for the industry forward. She is supported by her husband Markus Linsmaier, who is both involved in the company and increasingly looks after their two daughters Luise and Ella. 

The history of this charming city hotel goes far back into the past. It can be assumed that the grounds were already built around 1300. The first documented mention was in 1512, when the building was originally used for the professional group of "knifemen". The first inn "Zum weißen Hahn" was already located here in the Biedermeier period. From 1873 onwards, the horses were changed in the former K&K post station of the horse railway (Gmunden - Budweis). Since this time the inn, which is located at today's location, operated under the name "Zur Post".

In 1937 Edmund Hauser sen. bought the building and laid the foundation stone for the successful family business with the "Hotel Post". Well-known actors such as Hans Moser, Theo Lingen and Peter Alexander went in and out of Wels during filming at the time. In the middle of the 70's Edmund Hubertus Hauser jun. took over the business after the death of his father, which he ran together with his mother Frieda. In addition to restructuring the catering business, Edi Hauser jun. also opened the legendary Wels Heurigen "Steinfeder Gartl", followed by the first Wels ice cream parlour "Da Capo". In the middle of the 80s the focus was put on the hotel business and the gastronomy was discontinued. 

Edi Hauser junior has always been passionate about music. Therefore, the acquisition of a top-class Fazioli grand piano, which he plays professionally like everything in his life, is a logical step. For the enthusiastic pianist, the crowning glory was the visit of Paolo Fazioli himself, with whom he examined the numerous autographs of celebrities such as Grigory Sokolov, Maxim Vengerov or Brad Mehldau on the Tridentine red spruce wood of the grand piano.  

In general, the Boutique Hotel Hauser in Wels is known for the fact that artists and celebrities from Austria and the world go in and out here. Musicians such as Anthony Braxton, Charlie Watts or Udo Jürgens, cabaret artists from Maschek to Michael Niavarani, writers such as Stieg Larsson or Franzobel and personalities from the world of sports such as Toni Polster or Barbara Schett have come to know and love the charming city hotel. 

Parallel to the restructuring in the 1980s, the hotel was converted and expanded in several stages into a 4* hotel business with great sensitivity for the historical substance of the community centre and simultaneous integration of international architecture and modern design. In the process, care was always taken to preserve the cosiness of the hotel. The largest conversion finally followed in 2003, with the expansion to 41 hotel rooms and three seminar rooms. The restoration of the vaults in the remise of the old court stables, where the horse-drawn coaches used to be accommodated, has been particularly successful. Today seminars and celebrations are held there. And the renovations don't stop there - in 2020, 10 rooms are currently being completely renovated and redesigned.