Boutique Hotel Hauser

The Austrian Ecolabel

We are please that you have chosen our enterprise, which has been awarded our national Ecolabel.

With your decision you show that you also attach importance to a reasonable way of dealing with our bases of life. We have taken a pledge to comply with numerous stringent criteria and let us be checked bay independent bodies.

    Having obtained this award is an obvious sign of our committed effort for the environment - but also our guests and the people working in our enterprise are particularly important to us. Together, we assume environmental and social responsibility by:

    • preferentially purchasing environmentally compatible and regional products
    • using energy and water reasonably
    • taking various meassures to reduce CO2-emissions
    • using renewable energy
    • avoiding waste and seperating them
    • training and motivating our staff
    • supporting our regional economy
    • maintaining the natural diversity and the cultural heritage
    • developing offers for guests and local people
    • continuously improving the quality of our enterprise

    We would be happy if you, as our guest, supported our efforts and contributed actively to promoting healthy environments for ourselves and our children in that you

    • close the windows, when the heating or the air condition is on
    • turn off the light when you leave the room
    • do not leave the water running unnecessarily and use the economy button when flushing the toilet; please notify us in case of a leaking tap or toilet flush
    • towels on the floor means: please change
    • please seperate your waste
    • don't smoke in the room or other public areas in the hotel (we are a non-smoking-hotel)
    • preferably use public means of transportation and bicycles
    • protect fauna & flora during your trips
    • respect regional customs
    • preferably purchase regional, environmentally friendly and low-waste products