Boutique Hotel Hauser

We love good food.

Regional ingredients, homemade and prepared with love. Whether with products from our own cultivation or from suppliers in the area around Wels - every season offers an enticing variety of food, which we process freshly. 


Our gourmet breakfast in Wels

Some people say that we at the Boutique Hotel Hauser have the best hotel breakfast in Wels. In any case, we rely on high-quality ingredients and a wide range of variations. We also like to go on a culinary journey around the world during our gourmet brunch. 


For a perfect start to the day, our warm Hauser porridge, Hauser muesli made according to an old secret recipe, cakes just like Grandma's, and delicious homemade jams - including more and more unusual varieties - are waiting for our guests, because the husband of the hotel director and master chef, Max Linsmaier, likes to experiment.

We are also happy to cater to special wishes of our guests and serve gluten-free, lactose-free or vegan alternatives on advance booking. 

Edi's Bar & Bistro

The bar is the heart of the hotel and a popular meeting place - for hotel guests as well as for people living in Wels. Edi Hauser, the senior boss and "founder" of Edi's Bar is also often to be found here and enjoys nice evenings with the guests at the hotel. Comfortable leather furniture, a romantic fireplace and a communicative bar - this is where modern design meets sophisticated bar culture. We serve classic bar drinks, selected open wines, a large selection of whiskeys, Stiegl beer, long drinks and schnapps from the region. High-quality juices from regional producers and other Austrian products such as Tirola Cola are a good non-alcoholic alternative. From goulash soup to pasta dishes - we rely on fresh, regional ingredients for selected dishes on our bistro menu. 


A selection of our breakfast products


We prepare Hauser muesli and Hauser porridge according to our secret recipe.


we bake our own


we create with much love ourselves


to a large extent we process fruit from our own garden


of course we make them all ourselves - alternatively we also offer vegan variations


come from our own garden in summer

Bread and pastries

we purchase from the Andreas Weninger bakery. The bakery in Wels has been run as a family business for more than 100 years and relies on tradition, handmade production and natural ingredients.

Apple juices and mixed apple juices

we purchase from the organic fruit farm Wiesmeier in Holzhausen. The Wiesmeier family attaches great importance to producing healthy fruit in a natural way. In addition to juices, we also have particularly tasty apple chips and schnapps in our range.


The retired music school director Siegfried Hangler from Hinzenbach is a beekeeper by passion. His sweet gold is regularly awarded with the highest honours.

Herbal teas and teas

We obtain organic herbal teas of the highest quality from the Austrian mountain herbs. According to the motto "Good quality does not need flavour enhancers" we guarantee that all products are and remain natural. 


Then send us an e-mail to or call us at +43 7242 45409. We look forward to hearing from you!